Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dom Men in SL...

I just don’t get it with about 95% of the so call me in SL… OK… Let me explain here… One of the big hang out in SL is the Bondage Ranch. You seem to find a lot of Euro people there also… But all the Dom men there have nothing to do with you unless they own you…

No sense of adventure in their bodies what so ever… and they want to rule your RL also… WTF!! Really? Is your first life so bad that you have to come to SL to be a sadder case…? Listen up guys… I’m serious… there over 1000 women in SL that love BD/SM and would like to have BD/SM fun, but don’t want to be owned and you wonder why there is a huge lesbian population in SL…

You are sitting there at your computer only wanting own, sad, alone, with your dick in your hand, and you have no idea how to be in touch with a female submissive feelings. Have a sense of fucking role play… wait… that’s right… you don’t role play… OMG!! That makes you even more dumber than I thought. SL or RL… owned or not owned… For every action you take… IT’S A ROLE PLAY!! HELLO!!

Don’t get me wrong… I’m not male bashing here… Because I love men… I really do… I just wish a lot of them would get their heads out of their ass. I do meet a few good male role players in SL that love BD/SM and I meet most of them by using a VGPS tracker system that is made for "Kidnapping "role play.

OK… here is another example how men are really dumb in SL… I can be in a dungeon somewhere, bound, gagged and chained to a wall… The male Dom… very rarely will do anything. Female Dom… OMG!! She is cracking out the whip and abusing the bitch on the wall… HELLO!! MEN DOMS!! She fucking gets it… and once again… the male dom ends up the biggest loser.

Come on all you dom men is SL… Wake the fuck up!!

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Friday, May 21, 2010

My First Adult Video in Second Life

This the first video that I did in Second Life... I hope you in enjoy it. But one thing I do have to say... I watched a lot of the video that others made and just study their work and learned from them.

Hi Everyone!! First Post

I'm Tina Redrose and I am on Second Life. For a long time I use to play "The Sims 2" online... then a few people that I knew there, said they were going to SL (Second Life). Well I started myself an account, logged on, and started learning a new system. This have been just a little bit over 30 days now, I learned it all pretty quick, found it very simple to be honest about it. Spent some money on on upgrading my avatar, and I think she is hot looking. *grins

But I dug into SL more deeper with the adult content stuff and found a few other websites that deal with SL. One main one that got me was Naughty Machinima... It is nothing but adult videos made by people in Second Life, Sims, World of Warcraft and others. I have messed around with video and video editing in my RL... So I took the next step to learn how to do online with SL, and record my SL role playing.

But anyhoo... not going to bore you with a lot of BS stuff here... but will be adding to my blog on some adventures in SL and my adult SL videos.

Enjoy everyone!!